Does Medicare Cover Walk-in Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are not on the official list of Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which normally approves claims, but Medicare does occasionally reimburse a part of a walk-in tub?s purchase price. Medicare will look at a walk-in tub purchases on an individual basis and sometimes approve this purchase if they see that these safe access tubs are absolutely needed for an individual to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. If Medicare approves your purchase, you then file a claim with your Medicare Supplement Insurance for additional reimbursement.

There are a number of lobbyists working to resolve this grey area by getting walk-in tubs officially added to Medicare's Durable Medical Equipment list. A walk-in tub is as essential to a healthy lifestyle as any other needed equipment such as a wheelchair, cane, hospital bed, scooters, walkers, crutches, and so on.

The best approach to see if Medicare will cover your purchase of a walk-in tub is to simply contact your local Medicare office by visiting the official site here: Specifically outline why your situation requires a walk-in tub and ask them for approval. If you currently use a wheelchair, cane, scooter, crutches, or find it very difficult to lift your legs or walk then let Medicare know of these issues, and they may develop a better understanding of a why you require a walk-in tub and reimbursement for the purchase. Once Medicare approves, you can then purchase any of the walk-in tub models approved by them. A contractor can easily help you choose the best model and install it for you.